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Crawford AThletics

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5 years ago by Jerry Hanger

Ladypack Falls to Ladycats

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Crawford County's Kaylee Grizzel loses the handle on the ball as she battles North Harrison's Emma Nokes. Photos By Wade Bell

Lady Cats overpower Crawford County

November 23, 2016
The North Harrison girls' basketball team kept its record spotless at 5-0 last Tuesday night after the Lady Cats overpowered host Crawford County early en route to a 63-42 win. Despite the lopsided loss, the Crawford County coaching staff was pleased with the Lady Pack's performance and sees good things happening during the next stretch of the season.

"I feel like we're getting to the point with our basketball program where a loss is not acceptable," Crawford County coach Chris Broughton said. "Maybe a couple of years ago we would have been happy with this. We're not happy with a loss, but I'm really, really proud of the way they dug in and fought and battled. What can you say about them? How good are they? Just the fact that we came and battled and didn't quit, I'm extremely encouraged by that."

North Harrison center Lilly Hatton, right, makes it tough for Crawford County in the first quarter as she stops this shot by Jenny Jellison. Hatton, however, was called for a foul on the play.
"We've been talking about a lot that we've got to be able to play with the same intensity whether it's zero to zero," North Harrison coach Missy Voyles said. "I kind of felt like we did that Saturday (against Charlestown). I felt like we did that Friday against Pekin."

It was the North Harrison defense that laid down the law in the first quarter as the Lady Cats forced 12 Crawford County turnovers in the eight minutes and the Lady Pack missing all seven of their field-goal attempts. The Lady Cats, however, still had a little case of Raggedy Ann, hitting just six of their 20 attempts from the field as they took a 17-0 first quarter lead.

"We turned the ball over way too much early on, trying to do more than we should," Voyles said. "Instead of just working the basketball, we were trying to make the quick hit and turned it over a few times too many too early."

"Sometimes they come out excited and it's a good thing, and sometimes they come out excited and it doesn't work out real well for a few minutes," she said. "Typically, they come out all fired up like that and make those early shots."

Crawford County finally got some buckets to go down in the second period, the first one coming with 6:15 left when Addy Simpson scored in the paint. North Harrison still struggled from the field, hitting just three of 13 shots. North Harrison won the quarter 13-10 and took a 30-10 lead to the locker room at halftime, but the Lady Pack felt more energized at the break.

"All you can ask your kids to do is play hard and battle," Broughton said. "How easy would it have been after looking up and seeing 17-0 after the first quarter and just quit? How easy would that have been? But we didn't do that. That's what I told them in the locker room after the game, that that's probably what I'm most proud of."

Carly Allen drilled a 3-pointer to begin the third quarter for the Lady Pack, but North Harrison countered, with most of its damage coming inside from sophomore Lilly Hatton who had her own 7-2 run for a 37-15 lead. The Lady Cats missed just four of their 13 shots from the field to extend their lead to 53-28.

Crawford County won the last quarter 14-10, but it was nowhere near enough as the Lady Cats got the 63-42 win.

"We started off well and then we kind of got complacent again and got a little sloppy," Voyles said of the second half. "Believe it or not, as ragged as it looked, I thought we passed the ball a little better today than we've been passing it. We actually saw some things that we haven't been seeing, getting the ball to some places. That's a good thing, I guess."

"We're not going to face anybody of that caliber as far as a post player or even other guards," Broughton said. "They're so good at anticipating and getting in the passing lanes. How do you simulate that in practice? That's not something you can do. So, I think we were a little shell-shocked there at the beginning, a little indecisive on what we were going to do. But I think you saw, once we settled down, especially in the second half, we really moved the ball well and got it to the middle and looked to hit our shooters. That's what we're trying to do the whole game, but, once they settled down and executed what we were trying to do, we did it pretty well."

Hatton led the Lady Cats with 24 points. North Harrison put up 61 shots from the field and connected on 22 for 36 percent. The Lady Cats were 17 of 23 from the charity stripe and committed nine turnovers.

"She's got a lot of maturity to her," Voyles said of Hatton. "You kind of have to have your composure when you're getting that much attention. She gets a lot of attention on the offensive end, so you've got to be able to hold your composure. You get hit a lot and you don't always get the call. She's handling it very well."

Simpson led Crawford County with 15 points, putting down three shots from behind the arc. The Lady Pack were 15 of 39 (38 percent) from the field, with nine of those being 3-pointers. Crawford County got just eight free-throw attempts, hitting five, and had 26 turnovers.

"We went on a little run there, and, then, Carly (Allen) got sick," Broughton said. "She hasn't been feeling well. I said, 'If Carly stays on the floor, we were going on a little bit of a run there.' But it just goes back to the fact that we didn't quit. We just dug in and kept it really respectable, I thought. Again, we're not going to see anybody (of) that caliber on our schedule."

Like last year, the target grows on the backs of the Lady Cats, and, like last year, the plan stays the same.

"We just go one game at a time just like we did last year," Voyles said. "We just look at one team in practice and we talk about that team, and that's as far as we concentrate at the moment."

Broughton said, if his team plays the rest of the season like it did the last three quarters against North Harrison, it can make for some interesting times during the conference part of the schedule, as well as the sectional down the road.

"We're getting ready to hit a little stretch of our schedule here right before Christmas where now's the time," he said. "It's time to take the next step. We really came and battled tonight. We're sitting here at 3-2. It's time to go on a little run and position yourself.

"We always talk about that big conference week where we come back from Christmas break, we've got to be playing some of our best basketball coming into Christmas. So, we've got about a month to a month and a half to really get some kids some more confidence and figure out the way we want to play. But now is the time we want to step up as a program and really take off."

North Harrison 17 13 23 10 - 63

Crawford County 0 10 18 14 - 42

North Harrison - Rennirt 4, Kondovski 5, Hatton 24, Hinton 8, Nolot 6, Nokes 5, Shelton 4, Burns 7

Crawford County - Hammond 6, Covele 3, Simpson 15, Allen 9, Jellison 4, Grizzel 5

3-pointers - Hinton 2, Hammond 2, Covele, Simpson 3, Allen 2, Grizzel